Healing Psoriasis Cookbook... Plus!

Healing Psoriasis Cookbook... Plus!
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vitamine D in combination with another means of healing psoriasis vulgaris

Vitamine D progress of healing psoriasis vulgaris

Very well useful to long-term treatment, derivatives of vitamin D represents the progress of epidermal cells, keratinocytes, and shapes their differentiation. It is designed for  improving the  health of the patients who suffer from psoriasis vulgaris of the body Derivatives of vitamin D are  most used in the form of ointment, cream and lotion. 
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The first two presentations are intended to treat plaque psoriasis vulgaris localized. Lotions are particularly so useful for the treatment of scalp lesions. The characteristics of treatment can be explained in terms of the fact that  derivatives of vitamin D generate positive effects from the second or third week of treatment. The application of this type of product on the face is either avoided or used with complete care in case the skin is fragile.

It may also cause irritation or produce itching.To treat the body and scalp of psoriasis vulgaris , it s better to mix together vitamine D and  corticosteroide.this combination  of these two elements can lead to a quick good result and without side effects.

It is up only for the patient to use it in a localized erea.On the other side ; Corticosteride once it is  combined with  retinoids , which are the form of gel and  UVB , they will have good impact on the health of the patient who should follow the advice of his doctor to avoid more side effects.

      This can be useful  means to  cure such skin diseases. The dermatologist prescribed for instance UVB and retinoids. These combinations are ideal for psoriasis vulgaris : They achieve a synergy of treatments and therefore  with quick  results, eventhough they may increase the side effects of each treatment. Dermatologists have tables drugs combined easily. In addition, there is now a topical combination of two drugs : corticosteroids and vitamin D. 

Irritant effects of vitamin D are reduced when combined with a corticosteroid. Conversely, some drugs, including immunosuppressants should not be association  between them. In all cases, there are maximum doses not to exceed.

    It is not quite clear  how such a patient's body react when  the new drug is used. Moreover, . Everything depends on the patient's history, age, severity of his injuries and  the evolution of his illness . When treatment is effective, patients may like very much  such treatment if it is good and despite its toxicity. However, the program must be accepted by both the patient and the doctor.

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