Healing Psoriasis Cookbook... Plus!

Healing Psoriasis Cookbook... Plus!
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Lasers as means of the treatment of psoriazis

PUVA and psoriazis

To define the laser; it  is a light source ,whose radiation is characterized by a group of wavelengths like a single color. The light energy is transformed into thermal energy in the tissues, chemically or mechanically.

       There are   three sorts of lasers  that are suitable for the treatment of psoriazis : lasers UVB :B Clear and excimer, which the dermatologists use mostly nowadays , and pulsed dye lasers C02 , which is  rarely used. 

       These lasers deliver doses of UVB in a very specific  way . They are reserved for the psoriazis plaques medium and resistant to topical. They can target all areas of the body, including the intertriginous areas.  It is less dangerous than UVB phototherapy session or PUVA that radiates the body  completely . On the other hand, plaque psoriazis treated supports UV doses are higher than normal skin, and can reduce the number of sessions. Finally, we can combine laser and topical treatments UVB : a synergistic effect was observed even with medications derived from vitamin D.    

what does psoriasis look like

The pulsed dye laser ,part laser "vascular" is old  technique. This included the use of laser to treat hemangiomas, including infants. It is restricted to areas of psoriasis-bastions : elbows, knees, lower back, because it is not effective against new lesions. 

       This laser emits a wavelength that has no long-term risk to the organization. Lasers UVB are painless. that is why   we can not treat large areas of skin during a single session.
how do you get psoriasis
      Concerning  laser UVB, The treatment includes a dozen sessions to two per week. Results are obtained and the number of plates absorbed depend on the severity of psoriazis and the applied dose. Pigmentation or the colouring of living things ,which can be reversible, occasionally happen. The two types of lasers: excimer and Clear B have the same efficiency.  Some studies suggest, however, that  the first presents a more uniform than the second. Seventy per cent of patients health was  significantly improved by the pulsed dye laser. In addition, a third of them received a whitening of the treated areas. It is estimated that more than the old plate is better and successful These lasers are very expensive, so the sessions are too! It takes approximately twenty to thirty  euros per session.

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