Healing Psoriasis Cookbook... Plus!

Healing Psoriasis Cookbook... Plus!
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Psoriazis treatment Sophrology for a mind-body harmony

what does psoriasis look like

Psoriazis and body harmony

Sophrology for mind  and body harmony, is somehow similar to Ericksonian and chinese therapy, of  which  the origin is greek, based on  relaxation, hypnosis and meditation . It therefore  cures both the body and the mind. How the patient  practicese it? He has to close  his eyes , controles his  breath, and lowers  muscles tone  and consousness.

The patient appears  to be  as if he is going to sleep. By doing so,many good results  start coming  out from  the practice .The stress becomes physically and  psychologically low. More than that , when the patient  concentrates  on the texure and the elasting of the skin  itching will be reduced as a psoriazis treatment . In fact , this healthy exercise  can be done  either  at home or at the doctor s.

scalp psoriasis home remedies

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